Welcome to Calvert


Calvert Learning is honored to partner with your family. Part of that partnership involves a commitment to support you with a robust orientation and ongoing support resources found on this site. Below, you’ll find a Getting Started Checklist to guide your orientation.

Getting Started Checklist

Review Your Physical Materials

If you received a shipment with physical materials, immediately use the packing list(s) included with the shipment to confirm receipt of all of your physical materials.

Note:  Even if you purchased our new, digital-only option, some courses still include physical materials. If you have any questions about your order, call 1-800-447-5286.

1.  Log in to Your Online Platform

Refer to your Welcome email for login information to access your online platform and our new Calvert Support Site website. This email may come directly from Calvert or from one of our partner schools.  Click here to sign up for an Orientation Session.

2.  Enrolled in Our Instructional Services?

If your student is enrolled in ATS, review the Instructional Services section of this Read Me First to view the upgrades for this school year. We’re thrilled to offer more teacher support than ever!

3.  Prepare for your First Day

Read through the Getting Started unit and the first five lessons for all courses to familiarize yourself with the structure and weekly rhythm. The introductory section contains valuable information about the course and its structure, including our new project-based learning framework called PLUS, some general tips for getting started, and your suggested daily schedule. Review our Helpful Hints section and our Technical Requirements page.

4.  Going Forward

Review each lesson at least a day before. Gathering all books and materials in advance will prepare you for the day and save time.